Season Three
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Season Three premiered January 12, 2014 at 10 pm.


Main CastEdit

Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan
Kristen Bell as Jeannie Van Der Hooven
Ben Schwartz as Clyde Oberholt
Josh Lawson as Doug Guggenheim
Donis Leonard Jr. as Roscoe Kaan
Glynn Turman as Jeremiah Kaan


Episode Writer Director Air Date
3x01 Wreckage January 12, 2014
Marty begins his own business and pursues a grocery store client in China, also disturbing another grocery store client who belonged to Monica’s company before by shifting him to Jeannie. Meanwhile, Clyde continues work for Monica and begins regretting his decision suffering from her actions. Doug reminisces the old Pod back at Galweather, where Jeannie is now running her own Pod which Doug’s in. Roscoe is trying to get into the basketball team.
3x02 Power January 19, 2014
Marty sleeps with a motivational trainer and still has nightmares. Later, he finally meets Roscoe's crush Lex who’s in the basketball team with him. At Galweather, Jeannie tries to get an account with the Department of Defense. She also meets with Jeremiah, Marty and Roscoe. Sarah scares Doug when she reveals she wants a baby and she already stopped taking birth control. Monica crosses the line with a co-worker that ends violently by the co-worker sticking a knife in her leg. Clyde wants Monica to fire him but she wouldn’t. In the end, Jeannie asks Marty whether he was glad to start working on his own. He starts by answering that “it would be worth if…”, but then doesn’t tell her that he misses her.
3x03 Boom January 26, 2014
Marty is unhappy when he discovers that Jeannie backstabbed him on their plan that each of them keeps a food company busy. But she debates with him over her working for him. Over at Galweather Stearn, Julianne is replaced by the Rainmaker who promises to make Jeannie's career a miserable one. It seems like the guy Jeannie took the DoD-account from organized this. Jeannie then organizes a co-worker to inform the press over irregularities at Galweather in the account of the Department of Defense. Clyde starts to work at Monica's home.
3x04 Associates February 2, 2014
With Galweather in flames from a leak of information, Jeannie and Doug finally join Kaan & Associates where the new pod pursues a successful HipHop clothing company called 'DollaHyde' whose owners don't agree on the future of their company. Clyde didn’t go to work for three days and loses control over himself. Jeannie and Marty argue over being equal associates. In the middle of the night, Clyde, having been arrested by the police, calls Marty to pick him up. Roscoe and Lex kiss.
3x05 Soldiers February 9, 2014
Marty and Dre tighten their friendship and continue to go through with their plan of removing Lukas from Dollahyde. Clyde attempts to make up with Marty, who is still mad from their falling out. He contacts an old flame named Melissa trying to bring in her huge internet company. Surprisingly, she flirts with him. Marty’s father Jeremiah sleeps with a young woman named Chantelle who’s becoming a therapist. Doug fakes orgasms because he didn’t decide yet whether he wants a baby or not, but in the end gets over it after Clyde talks to him. Monica gets back to work and finds herself getting fired.
3x06 Middlegame February 16, 2014
At the Dollahyde shoe premiere party, Marty considers switching sides and removing Dre from Dollahyde instead of Lukas. He therefore sends Jeannie to Lukas to romantically find out how he’s thinking. But he already put the pieces together and knows the plan. Meanwhile, Doug is guilt-ridden when Lukas' dog gets into a box of chocolates he brought as a gift, and Clyde still wants a place on Marty's good side. In the end, Lukas starts a fight with Dre.
3x07 Pushback February 23, 2014
Marty, Jeannie, Doug, and Clyde try to convince Lukas to leave the company for a large sum of money that Dre doesn't have. It doesn’t work, but later on Jeannie manages to convince him. Meanwhile, Marty is pushed to the limit with Roscoe's relationship with Lex. He thinks it’s a bad relationship for his son, which is confirmed when Roscoe and Lex get drunk together.
3x08 Brinkmanship March 9, 2014
The new pod tries to win over McClintock Media, which was presented by Clyde. Marty calls up Monica while Roscoe and Jeremiah are away while pushed by Jeannie to forgive Clyde. Doug invites Caitlin to an art gallery that the original pod is going to and Jeannie tells him it is basically a date but then things take a drastic turn when Sarah invites herself along: Sarah gives him the choice whether to fully be with her or to end it. Clyde and Marty reconcile.
3x09 Zhang March 16, 2014
Lukas takes Marty, Jeannie, Doug, and Clyde through a tour of his hometown while the rest of the pod stays and helps Monica out. Lukas unveils that Dre’s way to organize money is not some big Chinese investor called Zhang, but a Ghetto money lender. Monica is interested in WON, some new kind of nutrition. Roscoe and Lex fight over whether to go to a krumping event or not, and when they end up going, Lex singles out and humiliates Roscoe in front of a group of older dancers.
3x10 Comeuppance March 23, 2014
Jeannie goes to an old friend in order to secure a huge government contract for the firm. She is advised to re-evaluate some the firm’s clients, namely to get rid of DollaHyde if she wants the contract because Lukas still is big in drugs. Marty continues business with Dollahyde, but it is taken too far ending with unexpected results when they’re attacked and shot in their car. Dre survives, but Lukas dies. Doug makes a move on Caitlin after discovering trouble in her own personal life, but blows it. Clyde tries to manipulate Monica's golden ticket client in order to one up her in their ongoing feud. Clyde does drugs with Melissa McClintock.
3x11 Together March 30, 2014
Jeannie and Marty suspect that Dre was behind the attack/murder, but Jeannie gets emotional after the tragedy. Marty confronts Dre as well as his wife. Dre’s wife threatens him. Doug tries to win Sarah back and succeeds, then finds out she had an abortion but that she isn’t sure whether or not it was his. Clyde learns that Marissa has sold McClintock media without telling him and breaks up with her. Monica gets caught submitting fake health records for WON, then insults Jeannie about it. Jeannie and Marty get drunk together and talk about what happened in Vegas. After they have sex, Marty tells her that he loves her.
3x12 Joshua April 6, 2014
The FBI begins to search Kaan & Associates based on a warrant from Jeannie's friend; Jeannie and Marty want a relationship together, but her indiscretions may compromise everything. Roscoe and Lex break up. Jeannie admits that she tipped the FBI when they don’t find a thing on DollaHyde but the Food deals. Jeannie is cleared, but Marty is taken in for questioning. In order for the company not to close, Marty has to resign and get out. He does so, drives away, and walks into the desert. Jeannie does not have the courage to tell him that she wants him.