Monica Talbot
General Information
Occupation: Partner at K-J
Faction: Kinsley-Johnson
Family: Roscoe Kaan (son)
Marty Kaan (ex-huband)
Romances: Marty Kaan ( ex-husband)
Tessa (ex girlfriend)
Biographical Information
Status: Divorced
Residence: Los Angeles
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Portrayed by: Dawn Olivieri
First appearance: The Gods of Financial Instruments
Monica Talbot is a hotshot consultant with Kinsley-Johnson , and Marty's constant professional nemesis.

Monica is also Marty's ex-wife and the mother of their son Roscoe. Since Roscoe moved back in with his father full-time, Monica is able to devote all her considerable energies to her career. Marty often refers to her as a sociopath.[1]


  • She has an addiction to pills.


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