Season One, Episode Three
Airdate: January 22, 2012
Director: Seith Mann
Writer(s): Matthew Carnahan
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Amsterdam Mini-Mogul

Microphallus was the third episode of the first season of Showtimes House of Lies


Marty learns that MetroCapital is seriously interested in acquiring Galweather & Stearn; the Pod pop on out to Indiana to consult on a beverage-company account; and Clyde has doubts about Doug's encounter with a transvestite. At home, a confused Roscoe has feelings for both a girl and a boy. [1]

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Guest CastEdit

  • Richard Schiff as Skip Galweather
  • Greg Germann as Greg Norbert
  • John Ross Bowie as Spaulding Winter
  • Amy Landecker as Janelle Winter
  • Alan Dale as Jonathan Strauss