Jeannie Van Der Hooven
General Information
Occupation: Engagement Manager
Faction: Galweather & Stearn
Co-Workers: Marty Kaan
Clyde Oberholt
Doug Guggenheim
Romances: Wes Spencer - Formerly Engaged
Marty Kaan
Biographical Information
Status: Unmarried
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1" (1,55 m)
Portrayed by: Kristen Bell
First appearance: Gods Of Dangerous Financial Instruments
Latest appearance: Joshua
Jeannie Van Der Hooven is bright up-and-coming member of Marty's team. Jeannie is talented, crafty, flirtatious and a little mysterious. She does everything she can to keep her personal life personal and avoids all advances from Marty and the other team members. She aspires to the high-end corporate life, with the top job and the rich, country club fiancé, but she's not above doing shots off a stripper and getting down and dirty with a different guy in every city she visits.

In the second season, Jeannie was promoted to Engagement Manager by  Julianne Hotschragar . Jeannie eventually comes clean to Marty about her feelings, but he disreguards her. She takes back the promise of joining his new firm and decides to stay at Galweather and accept a promotion to head her own pod.[1]

In the third season, the Rainmaker returns to Galweather so she releases records from the business dealings they have been doing, destroying Galweather & Stearn. She goes to Kaan & Associates  when she learns that Marty kept a job open for her. Later on, she has sex with Marty and he tells Jeannie that he loves her. They go on a date and they realize they like what they have.

Jeannie gives her friend incriminating records on one of their clients. When that client is murdered, Jeannie's friend releases the records to the FBI, against Jeannie's wishes. The FBI arrests Marty and after a talk with his lawyers, he must resign permanently, avoiding the entire company going down in flames. With Marty gone, Jeannie is left in charge. They basically end their relationship as Marty storms off. As he leaves the room, Jeannie says that she wants him.


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