Founded by Harrison Galweather

Galweather & Stearn is the #2 ranked management consultancy in the U.S. The firm is based in Los Angeles

Cutting Their Throats - For You
Some talk the talk. We walk the talk. From conference room to limo to club, we grind for you. Our paradigm is flux – organic, burning, and hard data backed. Hear more from our A-team.


  • Marty Kaan - Junior Partner
    Marty Kaan is a principal generalist working out of the Los Angeles office. He and his pod advise mid-to-large sized companies on how to maintain their competitive edge, keep profits obscenely high, and take full advantage of the American consumer in today’s beleaguered economy. With his “by any means necessary” attitude, Marty gets results. Clients may resist him initially, but eventually they always come around to his way of thinking… or live to regret it. In a word, Marty Kaan is ruthless — also brash, offensive, egotistical, narcissistic, womanizing and very “un-PC.” And who doesn’t want that when you’re paying out the ass for a management consultant? [1]
  • Jeannie Van Der Hooven - Engagement Manager
    Jeannie’s been with Galweather & Stearn for two years, working her way diligently up the ranks to engagement manager under the leadership of Marty Kaan. A smart, ambitious woman with all the right attributes for success, Jeannie is more than willing to bend over backwards and go all the way to get the job done. A hit with clients and co-workers alike, Jeannie’s business savvy and wide range of skills are sure to put her on top. [2]
  • Clyde Oberholt - Associate
    Fresh out of Wharton, and currently assigned to Marty Kaan’s pod, Clyde adds some value to the team with his mind-numbing statistical models. They’re actually so complex no one really knows what they mean, which puts him at a distinct advantage. When he’s not architecting intricate impact assessments or sifting through mountains of eyball-bleedingly boring data, Clyde’s job is to goad fellow pod mate Doug Guggenheim. He doesn’t get paid extra for this, but it’s actually what he does best. [3]
  • Doug Guggenheim - Associate
    A graduate of HBS (“Harvard Business School” for the uninformed), Doug is a brilliant numbers guy. Okay, so maybe he’s a little socially awkward, desperate for approval, and trying way too hard to be a ladies man, but he always comes up with the goods for the leader of his pod, Marty Kaan. There’s nothing Doug won’t do for Marty, and his pure, unadulterated allegiance is impressive, albeit beyond pathetic. Did we mention that he went to Harvard? Because if we didn’t, he sure as hell will. [4]
  • Marco Pelios - CEO / Senior partner
  • Tamara - Consultant
  • Julianne Hotschragar - Interim CEO