Clyde Oberholt
General Information
Occupation: Associate
Faction: Kaan & Associates
Formerly Kinsley-Johnson
Formerly Galweather & Stearn
Co-Workers: Marty Kaan
Jeannie Van Der Hooven
Doug Guggenheim
Romances: Marisa McClintock
Biographical Information
Status: Unmarried
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Portrayed by: Ben Schwartz
First appearance: Gods Of Dangerous Financial Instruments
Latest appearance: Joshua
Clyde Oberholt is a young, ambitious consultant and a major suck-up, he is the perennial court jester of his team, always playing practical jokes and trying to get dirt on his co-workers. As a graduate of Wharton, specialised in marketing and spin, his mind-numbing statistical models are so complex no one really knows what they mean.

Clyde was assigned to Marty's pod at Galweather & Stearn, but disappointed with how things were going there, he made a major move to a competing firm to work for Marty's ruthless, unhinged ex-wife.[1]